Dispelling 5 Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

Womans Mouth

At one point or another, nearly everyone has had the desire to enhance their smile. Whether it’s all-natural porcelain crowns or a lasting solution to yellowed teeth, we’ve all considered the options. Unfortunately, however, there is a lot of myth and misinformation out there about cosmetic dentistry that often leads to people becoming confused or uncertain about whether or not it is the right decision. Today, we’re going to look at five common objections about cosmetic dentistry that are based on untrue, misleading myths.

1. It only affects how you look

In reality, cosmetic dentistry restores your mouth’s natural functionality. And a properly working mouth is a healthy mouth! Not only can it affect your everyday enjoyment of foods and beverages, cosmetic dentistry can eliminate bacteria harboring cracks and crevices.

2. At home whitening kits are just as good as professional treatment

While at home whitening kits are capable of removing surface stains, they often only correct the superficial issues. Professional treatment aims to not only whiten your teeth but to improve their overall health. In the end, this results in longer lasting, more even coloring.

3. It will look unnatural

Just like everything else, cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last ten years. Modern treatment options use much more advanced materials that allow dentists to create a seamless, natural smile.

4. It takes too long

Everyone has a life of their own… whether you’re jugging your children’s hectic schedules or you’re tied up at work most nights, it can be hard to make time for regular dental visits. With today’s technology, however, many procedures can begin in the dentist’s office and be completed at home, meaning everyone can have a beautiful smile, no matter how busy they are!

5. It’s too expensive

While many cosmetic procedures can be costly, there are always alternatives and options available to work within your budget. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening or Invisalign, the staff at Halonen Family Dentistry will work with you to find a solution.

If you’ve been considering a trip to the dentist to add a little pizazz to your smile, there’s no better time than now. Contact one of the knowledgeable technicians at Halonen Family Dentistry to discuss your needs and your options. We promise: we’ll give you a reason to smile!