Battle Creek Family Dental Services

Full Mouth Rehabilitations​

Many factors contribute to dental problems that range from congenitally missing teeth, dental cavities, bone loss, and compromised teeth from grinding and fractures. Finding a full mouth comprehensive solution involves careful diagnosis, design, and execution to achieve long term predictable results.
Before and After Teeth Straightening

ClearCorrect Orthodontics​

Straighten your teeth to achieve great esthetics, accessibility for hygiene maintenance, and protect against wear as an adult. Learn more about Teeth Straightening.

Dental Implants and All-On-4®​

Replace 1-2 teeth or a full dental arch using titanium implants and ceramic restorations to mimic your body’s natural structures. Learn more about Dental Implants.

Kor Whitening System

Teeth whitening helps patients get the bright smile they desire. Patients don’t need to give up beverages that serve as “enemies” to white teeth, such as tea, coffee, or red wine. Problems with sensitive teeth are non-existent due to low or no sensitivity from this service. The process is comfortable for the patient, safe for teeth and gums, and results in a natural, beautiful, white smile that lasts a lifetime. Once the process is complete, results are permanent, with easy at-home maintenance. The service is ideal for those between the ages of 14 and 90.

Bone Grafting and Soft Tissue Grafting

When permanent teeth are extracted, the supporting bone shrinks in size. Grafting techniques work to preserve and replace the gum tissue lost to recession, dental disease, and missing teeth atrophy.
3d dental imaging

3D Imaging

Advanced dental imaging provides valuable information vital to disease diagnosis and treatment planning. This technology allows for computer guided dental procedures for increased precision and accuracy to meet our aesthetic demands.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental visits should begin within the first 12 months of a child’s life. Preventive maintenance and anticipatory guidance in these early years can be critical to establishing a healthy mouth. Children can develop a mouthful of cavities by 24 months of age and must be treated in the hospital with a team of doctors. Knowing cavities are preventable, seek dental care early to keep your child healthy.

Learn more about Children’s Dentistry at Halonen Dentistry in Battle Creek.

TMJ Therapy and Botox​

30% of adults have a spectrum of symptoms that can be diagnosed as having TMJD (Temporo-mandibular Joint Disorder). Conservative treatments can help many people return to a normal life, gaining control over chronic headaches, muscle spasms, joint/ ear pain, restricted range of motion, and bite changes.