Your Battle Creek Dentist Discusses How to Keep Your Teeth Stain-Free


As one of the leading Battle Creek dentists, Halonen Family Dentistry understands the importance of developing healthy oral hygiene habits. However, brushing regularly and flossing are reactive strategies designed to eliminate damaging food buildup that has accumulated throughout the day. Though important, there are several active habits you can develop that will also help to keep your teeth happy, healthy and brilliant. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to avoid and treat stained teeth.

First, limit the amount of teeth-staining foods you eat

When it comes to yellowed teeth, some foods are more culpable than others. Wine, soda, berries, junk food, coffee and deeply colored sauces are all leading causes of stained teeth. If the goal is to preserve your bright smile, you should start by reducing your intake of these foods. While it can be difficult, remember that you don’t need to eliminate them entirely. If you choose to consume them, dentists recommend brushing 20-30 minutes afterwards or, if that’s not possible, they suggest rinsing your mouth out with water.

Next, use a straw when you drink

As mentioned, certain drinks are more damaging to your teeth than others. Naturally, the biggest offenders are soda and coffee. As anyone who gets up bright and early knows, it can be hard to start the day off without that habitual jolt of caffeine, so if you find that you can’t avoid them, we recommend drinking through a straw to prevent direct contact with the teeth. Not only does this save your smile, but you might find that a cool cappuccino sipped through a straw is a more refreshing way to start your morning than a hot, dark cup of coffee.

Give teeth whitening a try

Of course, one of the surest ways to keep your smile sparkling is with the help of a professional dentist. At Halonen Family Dentistry, we offer teeth whitening services that take advantage of the Kor Whitening System. Ranked as the most effective way to whiten teeth permanently, the Kor system was named, “Best Product,” by the Dental Product Shoppe. So, if you’re looking to maintain your smile’s radiance, reach out to one of the trained professionals at Halonen Family Dentistry. We’re always here to answer your questions, help you develop healthy habits and, most importantly, ensure your continued oral health.