Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Better Than Over the Counter Options


If you are in need of teeth whitening, you have probably looked into the numerous over-the-counter options available at your local pharmacy. These teeth whitening kits that you can use at home may result in a small amount of cosmetic improvement, Halonen Family Dentistry can provide you with teeth whitening services that will produce better, longer-lasting results. With years of experience and the best procedures in the field, we can provide you with thorough teeth cleaning and whitening service to give you the bright smile you have always wanted. Read further for more information about why professional teeth whitening is the superior choice to commercially produced whitening kits.

Better Results for Your Convenience

While you may believe that an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit is a convenient option, the exact opposite can be true. For kits that use gel, the gel can be messy and difficult to apply properly. For whitening strips, the problem is that it is troublesome to get the strips to adhere to the entire surface of your teeth, giving you inconsistent whitening. There are also numerous whitening toothpastes, but most dentists across the country agree that they are not effective. These products have differing levels of success, but none of them can produce the results you will get from professional teeth whitening services from Halonen Family Dentistry.

Safe, Personalized Teeth Whitening Service

When you entrust your teeth whitening needs to Halonen Family Dentistry, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced professionals will complete the work with a strict attention to detail and precision application for results that over-the-counter products cannot match. We have stronger, more effective products used by professionals who can properly tweak the process to accommodate patients with crooked, rotated, or irregular teeth formation for effective results in cases where commercial products are not appropriate. Don’t waste your money on cheaper, weaker options that won’t work. Contact us and let us handle your teeth whitening needs with a high standard of quality.

Since 1979, Halonen Family Dentistry has been providing stellar dental services to clients throughout the greater Battle Creek area. We use the Kor Whitening System which has produced superior teeth whitening results for patients aged 14 years and up. If you are embarrassed to smile due to yellowed, stained teeth, call to schedule an appointment to discuss the teeth whitening options that are available to you.