What to Do When You Have a Dental Emergency


At one point or another, everyone has experienced a dental emergency and has needed emergency dental care. Whether it’s from a sports-related injury, an unfortunate eating accident or the result of poor dental hygiene, the results are the same: discomfort. When it happens, it can be tricky to determine whether it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention. By and large, any intense, ongoing pain necessitates a visit to your local dentist. Today, we’d like to go over some common dental emergencies and how you should respond if – or when – they happen to you.

When your tooth is knocked out…

Most common in children and young adults, especially teens active in sports, a knocked out tooth requires immediate dental assistance. When handling the knocked out tooth, only touch the hard, chewing surfaces and avoid handling it by the root, as this can cause irreparable damage that could prevent reinsertion.

When one of your teeth is chipped or broken…

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, you may or may not need to call your dentist right away. Of course, if there is pain or bleeding, dental intervention is likely necessary. However, if these conditions are absent, you can simply call and make an appointment to see your dentist when they are next available.

When you have a severe toothache…

Caused by a range of issues, toothaches are a difficult emergency to diagnose on your own. As a rule of thumb, if the ache is constant or sharp enough to interrupt your sleep, you should contact your dentist immediately.

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