Get Emergency Dental Care in Battle Creek

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If you need emergency dental care in Battle Creek, we at Halonen Family Dentistry understand how painful the dental trauma you are experiencing can feel. That excruciating pain makes it almost impossible to do anything, and treatment needs to be done as quickly as possible. When you need emergency dental care in Battle Creek, count on the experienced, compassionate staff at Halonen Family Dentistry. Read more to find out about the two most common types of dental emergencies you may be suffering from.

A Tooth Knocked Out

A knocked out tooth is a serious emergency that most commonly affects children and young adults. It is crucial that you seek dental care if you have had a tooth knocked out. You should call us as quickly as possible in order to potentially save the tooth. You should also take care to handle the tooth properly. You must handle the tooth by only touching the outer chewing surface, as touching the root can hurt the tooth’s chances of healing properly. Also, without handling the root, you should rinse the tooth thoroughly, as any debris left on the tooth could potentially lead to an infection. After the tooth has been rinsed, gently try to place the tooth back into its socket, but do not force the issue. If it will not go back into the socket, you can place the tooth into either Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution or a glass of milk, but you must get yourself to the dentist office as quickly as possible to increase the chances of the tooth to be successfully saved. If the tooth is left out of its socket for too long, there’s an increased risk of it being lost permanently.

Broken or Decayed Teeth

If you have suffered a broken tooth due to either trauma or advanced decay, you may notice it bleeding from the inside while also experiencing intense pain. You will need emergency dental care as soon as possible. The pain will only get worse with the threat of serious infection increasing the long you wait. There may be other cases, like a chipped tooth or a lost filling, in which there is no bleeding or pain present while eating. In these cases, emergency dental care is not necessary, and you should make a normal appointment to get treatment.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you require emergency dental service. Halonen Family Dentistry is here to alleviate your pain and maintain your dental health.