Emergency Dental Care for Those Issues that Simply Cannot Wait


When you have a serious dental emergency, the pain can be so intense that nothing will help it subside. When this occurs, you don’t want to suffer for days, or even weeks in some cases, to get the treatment and pain relief you need for comfort. It hurts to eat. It hurts to talk. The pain can be so bad that it can cause difficulty sleeping. If you are suffering from an excruciating tooth issue, don’t wait around in agony. Call the friendly, compassionate professionals at Halonen Family Dentistry in Battle Creek. Our staff will do everything we can to get you into the dentist’s chair as quickly as possible to alleviate your fears and your pain. In today’s post, we will discuss some instances in which emergency dental service is required and why you should trust Halonen to take care of these issues for you.

We Can Replace a Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

Once a tooth has been knocked out, the clock is ticking, and you only have so much time to save the tooth and get it back into its socket properly. In order to do this, you should follow some very specific steps to maximize your chances of saving the tooth. First, you should make every effort to not touching the root, as this can jeopardize the possibility of it healing properly. Be sure to only handle the tooth by the outer chewing surface and then rinse it thoroughly to remove any debris which could potentially result in an infection. If possible, you should try to replace the tooth into its socket, but don’t try to force it in. You can place the tooth in either a glass of milk or Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution, but, as we said before: the clock is ticking. The longer it takes you to get the tooth to the dentist’s office, the less chance you have of saving the tooth, and after too much time, the tooth will be lost permanently.

We Can Quickly Fix Broken or Decayed Teeth

Whether you are suffering from pain due to a broken tooth, whether from trauma or an advanced state of decay. Chances are you may experience bleeding accompanied by intense pain, which means you need to seed dental treatment as soon as possible to avoid infection, which will only make the problem worse and much more painful. There are instances in which there is no pain or blood involved and don’t require emergency treatment. For these, you can schedule an appointment the way you normally would. However, if you are suffering through this broken tooth, you will need to seek emergency dental service as quickly as possible. Call Halonen Family Dentistry in Battle Creek and get the emergency care you need!